Hi, my name is
Abie Marshall.
I create data solutions for science.

Experienced developer with a specialisation working within scientific and regulated environments where I research, design and implement software and data science solutions. I have a first class BSc in Physics and an MSc with distinction in Data Science. My background in Physics complements my Data Science skills and allows me to excel at working within scientific domains. I aim to understand the physical systems involved and capture subject matter expertise into analytical solutions. I’m therefore knowledgeable with, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Liquid Gas Equipment (LGE), and mass spectrometry.

01. About me

Abie Marshall | MSc | BSc

🏆 MSc Distinction - Data Science

🥇 BSc First Class - Physics

👨🏻‍💻 Awesome Development Skills


Hello! I'm a Data Scientist, experienced software developer, rock and synth-wave enthusiast, tennis player and a long time suffering Ferrari F1 fan; currently based in Edinburgh.

I've recently completed an MSc in Data Science at the University of Edinburgh. For my dissertation entitled: "Segmentation of Windthrow in High Resolution Capella SAR Images Using Fully Convolutional Networks" I worked part time as a data scientist at Earth Bloxand closely with Capella Space, achieving a grade of 87%. I'm currently in the process of getting this work published.

My ultimate ambition is to pursue a career where I can utilise my skills to to tackle some of our biggest environmental challenges. I'm currently pursuing this at Sylverawhere I combine deep learning and satellite data to bring transparency to the carbon markets. Before that I worked on the ecoSMRTsystem to minimise CO2 emissions and help the shipping industry meet it's net zero commitments.

Previously I worked for analytical instrumentation companies where I developed instrument control software and data science solutions. I am most proud of improving the self- diagnostic abilities of the instruments and automating previously complex setup procedures which made these instruments more accessible to less technical users! The systems I have contributed towards have been recognised as part of the solution for the Pfizer – BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine!

02. What I've studied

2021 - 2022

Developed a thorough understanding of machine learning/statistical methodologies and how to apply these to scientific data. For my dissertation, Segmentation of Windthrow in High Resolution Capella SAR Images Using Fully Convolutional Networks, I developed tools to automate the processing of SAR imagery into a format suitable for deep learning and developing novel segmentation algorithms. This work was supervised by Prof Iain Woodhouse and I worked closely with Capella Space. Courses Included:

  • Achieved an MSc with Distinction

  • Dissertation Mark 87%

03. Where I've worked

Machine Learning Engineer @ Sylvera

April 2023 - present

Machine learning engineer focussed on combining deep learning and remote sensing to bring transparency to the carbon marketand incentivize real investment in climate action.

  • Casually doing my best to save the planet 🌳

  • Researching and developing novel deep learning algorithms to be applied to satellite data

  • Engineering ML pipelines according to software engineering best standard to ensure they are robust, scalable and extensible.

  • Liaising with stakeholders to ensure our ML solutions are actually brining value to customers

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